It’s Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary!

On August 15, 1969, almost half of a million-people waited on a dairy farm in Bethel, New York for the Woodstock Music Festival to begin. This week, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of this event with daily Woodstock trivia August 15, 16, and 17.

Here are the answers to the questions previously asked on our Facebook page.

1. Richie Havens was the performer to open up the Woodstock music festival.
2. The Woodstock festival took place in Bethel, NY
3. Before it was decided to make admission free, tickets cost $7

Here are more interesting tidbits (stories, photos and videos) regarding then and now.

Setlists from 34 of the Woodstock gigs in 1969

Think about the fact they didn’t have social media to communicate any of the information leading to the festival. yet it goes down in history as the 9th largest attended musical event. Imagine the differences between then and now? It was a much easier time!


What was Woodstock really like? The naked truth from 1969 attendees (photos, video, stories)

Thousands celebrate Woodstock’s 50th anniversary at Bethel Woods concerts (photos)

To thank you for participating, we’d love to give you information on the venues in the region still hosting outside music this summer. It might not be anything like Woodstock but you’ll hear some great music on a warm, summer night, then you can go home and eat, or shower!
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