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Introduction to Painting With Oils, with Patty Fogle

Back to Basics!

This class is for those students who want to learn the basic principals in painting with oils. This is also a great class for those students who need to revisit the essential process of oil painting by examining Values, Hues and Saturation. You’ll be painting beautiful artwork in oils faster than you imagined! Cast the mystery aside and let’s get going.

It’s a straight-forward process to follow that leads to solid painting skills you can always count on. You’ll mix your paints from Yellow, Red, & Blue (plus white) that are the foundation of ALL colors. See quickly how basic color science transforms the simplest composition into a luminous space.  These are Classical guidelines with minimal materials to show you the way to a masterful painting. Above all, it’s magical and fun!!

Beginning Watercolor Painting with Agnes Wnuk

This class is for beginner students and those students that have taken a previous beginning class but want a refresher course. The instructor will cover wet and dry techniques, color mixing, layering with glazes texturing and masking out. Emphasis will be on learning how to understand watercolor’s spontaneous nature and how to work with color successfully.  Class size is limited to 8 students.

Painting Creatively From Photos with Souby Boski – Oil/Acrylics

Most artists use source photos in some capacity when they work, whether to jog their memory of a particular place and time or to record specific visual details to incorporate in later pieces.

In this workshop students will learn to paint in a creative, personal, and expressive way using reference photographs – freeing them from copying.

Learn to dismiss the sense of obligation to show exactly what is depicted in the photo and feel free and inspired to manipulate the composition, assuring vitality and making the painting your personal creation.

Music Lecture – “Julie Andrews: The Dame of Stage and Screen”

From Mary Poppins, to the Sound of Music, to the Princess Diaries, Julie Andrews has had a remarkable career as an actress and vocalist over the past 5 decades! Her films are world renowned, but her body of work encompasses much, much more. Join guitarist John Tuohy as we discuss her history, listen to her wonderful recordings and watch clips from her most popular films.

Pushing your paintings beyond the obvious with Anda Styler

This class is designed to teach students how to take a small painting and transfer the image to a larger canvas, creating a totally different feeling in their work. Students will paint their initial painting on a standard size canvas, board or aluminum in the first two classes. The process of learning to expand a small painting into a larger painting will be the last two classes. Students will learn how to enlarge their painting by expanding the horizon and skyline while maintaining the focus on the focal point of the small painting.