Stage Manager Wanted by City Youth Theatre

Position Summary:

The Stage Manager supports the Director by providing organizational oversight, ensuring proper team communication, and coordinating technical elements for the production.


  • Attend all rehearsals, production meetings, load-in, technical rehearsals, performances, strike, load-out, and post-production meeting.
  • Manage team communication (rehearsal reports, director and designer conversations, production meeting notes, etc.)
  • Take detailed notes for each rehearsal and performance; submit reports within 48 hours of each rehearsal, tech rehearsal, or performance to the production team.
  • Assemble and maintain rehearsal book containing all blocking, scenic and prop tracking lists, technical notes, etc.
  • Make note of any prop, scenic, costume, or lighting needs and include them in the report.
  • Coordinate scene changes and make necessary paperwork for the backstage crew.
  • Acquire and/or create, organize and track props.
  • Support actors with disabilities; manage behavior as necessary.
  • Oversee technical rehearsals and productions; lead technical and backstage crew; call the light and sound cues.
  • Oversee load-in, strike, and load-out.
  • Report to Director.


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