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Carl Rosa

With such an artistic community, I’m sure this may come as no surprise but did want to be sure to share some ideas that can add brightness and a smile during times of uncertainty, anxiety and stress. Art is such a creative outlet for so many, so encourage others to participate and show your followers some of the colorful artwork you’ve created..perhaps its
1) promoting a theme of an upcoming show you have (think fall time perhaps, who knows);
2) encourage new hobbies in the arts (take up painting, acting lessons virtually
3) how to make music out of the things in your pantry
4) how to may clay or playdoh with what’s in that pantry too!
5) chalk your driveway or walkway (i hope the link works below)
6) making rainbows and placing them in windows

Here is an article that I found from another Main Street community :Chalk Your Walk. Several Main Street programs hosted Chalk Your Walk events this weekend. These events encouraged communities to use chalk to draw or write encouraging messages on driveways and sidewalks. In Kenosha, Wis., volunteers for Downtown Kenosha drew beautiful images and inspirational chalk messages outside of businesses. “There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness,” reads one colorful messages on the sidewalk in the downtown corridor. We couldn’t agree more.