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Hi everyone, This is ShawnaLee from Portraits by ShawnaLee. Thank you ACC for sending out the detailed information and asking how everyone is doing! Diane & Bonnie, your warm greetings are refreshing in this time of certain uncertainty for us all. These past few weeks have had a tremendous impact on everyone! A positive note through all of this is that my family has thoroughly enjoyed some much needed down time together and a gentle transition to our new “norm” of online classes and at-home-schooling. As a Portrait Artist and Art Instructor, my current way of communicating with customers is directly through Facebook, and through email in addition to word of mouth. I am always looking for new audiences to introduce my work to as well and would consider a win-win partnership. At the moment, I am a Partner to Whisker’s Pet Rescue, and the Danbury Animal Welfare Society, and as a Partner, with mention upon ordering, 10% is donated to the animals. If all goes to schedule, folks will be able to visit my art booth at the upcoming Catherine’s Butterfly Party in early June. Customers may be glad to know that they can order a portrait of a pet or a child now by sending photos via email and mailing a deposit – all while social distancing! When the portrait is complete, usually about two to three weeks, we can arrange a safe exchange pick up or opt for shipping. Now is the “Purrfect or Pawfect” time to order a Pet Portrait “fur” Mother’s or Father’s day! and because the timing is early, and we are all self-isolating, no one will suspect a thing if you beg for pet photos on social media! I will look forward to resuming my busy art classes as soon as it is safe for everyone! Thanks! [email protected]