An Accordion, What Is That? A Primer For Children

An Accordion, What is That?

An Accordion, What is That?The Connecticut Accordion Association and the American Accordionists’ Association are proud to present a children’s’ book all about the accordion!

“An Accordion, What Is That?” is a book about the accordion geared towards preschoolers and children up to second grade. It is the result of a collaborative effort by elementary school teacher Karen Uribe and illustrated by Joan Grauman. The You Tube version is a visual presentation of the book that is narrated, along with superb accordion accompaniment, by accordionist Mary Tokarski. Mary and Joan are members of the Connecticut Accordion Association. Curious young minds can listen to the accordion and learn about it through the eyes of some very special characters. The You Tube version of “An Accordion, What Is That?” can be accessed online here.


There’s nothing like holding a book in your hands and reading it to a curious young mind. For this purpose, the hard copy of this book can be purchased!!! A CD comes with the hard copy, allowing a child to listen to the presentation as s/he reads the book.

You can purchase a hard copy of “An Accordion, What Is That?” by contacting Mary Tokarski directly at 203-691-5362 or by email at
[email protected]

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